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1. 1:1 Therapy Support

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NDIS Funding Category: Capacity Building and Improved Daily Living

Real-life meaningful opportunities to practice new skills are needed to grow and learn therefore interactions across natural environments are required. Therapy sessions are done at a location that is most comfortable and practical for learning, including education setting, day program/service, at home or in the local community. Moving forward, skills are transferred to different settings.

2. Training & Technology

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“Rising Sun Program – Get ready for your working day”

A partnership research project was completed between Appy Connections and the University Of Wollongong Internship program.

The aim was to build a framework named ‘The Rising Sun’ which aimed for school leavers to have greater access to information so they can build their soft skills – which are desirable for future employment such as good communication, problem-solving (or choice making), flexibility, teamwork and resilience.

  • Basics of technology
  • Communication/social
  • Safety and Security online and offline
  • Creativity, explore. Mind-body and aspirations
  • Reading, writing and numbers for real life
  • Teamwork, problem-solving, follow directions

3. Brain Gym®

Brain Gym® is part of our Training & Therapy

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Appy Connections’ learning programs does ‘The 26’ Brain Gym® movements as per individual needs and goals

Doing so increases focus, participation and thinking/processing skills yet best of all offers a sense of calm and grounding.

The founders of these wonderful movements are professionals and playmakers, together they gathered some of their favorite activities for learning and moving, gave them playful names, like the Owl and the Double Doodle and organized them according to three dimensions of movement, publishing them in a little orange book called Brain Gym: Simple Activities for Whole-Brain Learning.