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1. 1:1 Therapy Support

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NDIS Funding Category: Capacity Building and Improved Daily Living

Real-life meaningful opportunities to practice new skills are needed to grow and learn therefore interactions across natural environments are required. Therapy sessions are done at a location that is most comfortable and practical for learning, including education setting, day program/service, at home or in the local community. Moving forward, skills are transferred to different settings.

2. Training & Technology

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“Rising Sun Program – Get ready for your working day”

A partnership research project was completed between Appy Connections and the University Of Wollongong Internship program.

The aim was to build a framework named ‘The Rising Sun’ which aimed for school leavers to have greater access to information so they can build their soft skills – which are desirable for future employment such as good communication, problem-solving (or choice making), flexibility, teamwork and resilience.

  • Basics of technology
  • Communication/social
  • Safety and Security online and offline
  • Creativity, explore. Mind-body and aspirations
  • Reading, writing and numbers for real life
  • Teamwork, problem-solving, follow directions