‘The 26’ Brain Gym® movements.

Brain Gym® is a movement-based learning readiness program developed by Paul and Gail Dennsion in the late 1970’s.

It is a widely and internationally recognised program. It has been successfully changing lives for decades – it is suitable for all ages and abilities.

 ‘The 26’- movements are relatively easy to do are designed as an anywhere, anytime style of intervention.

 Our brains are capable of plasticity, so new neural connections can be made. The Brain Gym® program helps to create the pathways through movement. This then improves brain access, the flow of information between the brain and the rest of the body.

Key aspects of learning are: to be happy and productive. 

This is certainly not the experience of many learners especially ones who experience learning difficulties and or have disability diagnoses that affect cognitive functioning.

kristi sproates happy at the beach in the sun

I’m Kristi Sproates and I am a Brain gym Movement Facilitator. I teach people Brain Gym® movements so they can be more focused, grounded plus ready and willing to participate fully their own lives whether it be for learning or just simply living happy and fulfilled. 

Appy Connections’ learning programs includes teaching ‘The 26’- as the need arises. This is built in to the programs.

  • Doing them regularly can increase your focus, participation and thinking/processing skills yet best of all offers a sense of calm and grounding.
  • One example is “The Double Doodle” activity – both sides of the brain are used as is bilateral hand movement. Helps with reading as it achieves a soft focus that helps with skimming and scanning pages.
  • Educators everywhere are recognising that academics and physical activity are complementary.
  • Evidence of this is seen through standing desks, gym balls, singing and movement breaks.
  • Using Brain Gym® to integrate your mind, body and heart is a dynamic process and the best way to learn is in the doing.
  • Parents, carers and educators who learn ‘The 26’ Brain Gym movements can also use it for themselves, with children, elderly, people with diverse learning needs.
  • They are easy and non-intrusive movements designed to be used in any environment, in private, a small group or a classroom

Courses and Workshops available

Brain Gym 104 – An accredited course 16 hours, teaches ‘The 26′ movements’ for use in a classroom, home, day centre and anywhere you like – once you know how.

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What parents and carers have to say about Appy Connections

Thank you Kristi for your professional and efficient approach in responding to the complex individual needs of my son, for thinking outside the square, helping him to achieve his goals, outcomes and choices. We look forward to many more happy therapy sessions with you.

– Junee Waites OAM

What parents and carers have to say

We have used this service for about four years now. Why? Kristi knows her clients and is able to get them to learn in comfort and a fun environment and most importantly lets my son shine. Can and will highly recommend Appy Connections.

– Kathy Porteous (parent)

What parents and carers have to say

Kristi makes learning fun and has helped my daughter with using different types of apps and programs on her iPad for a few years now and we hope she will continue into the future. I also asked my daughter if she likes it when she has help from you and if she would like more help when the virus is over and again she smiled and said yes!

– (parent)

What parents and carers have to say

Kristi is absolutely wonderful would highly recommend. Great in regards to helping our non-verbal son in communicating with his iPad and app

Nicole Gordon – (parent)

What clients have to say

Hello this is Dane Waites speaking. Just to say it is fun working with Kristi. She has taught me lots of good new things and helps me to feel in control.
Thank you Kristi. Bye for now.

– Dane Waites (client)

What clients have to say

I love doing my 8 week Appy Programs each year, it’s great and fun and helps me to understand to use my devices in a safe way and helps me to stay connected with everyone.

– Mitchell Porteous (client)

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