1:1 Therapy Support

Online or In-Person Support is available 

We want to know you and what you are aiming for?


Interactions/sharing information/expressing needs and wants

Social Skills

Turn-taking, handling/dealing with difficult situations

Daily Living

Shopping, cooking, budgeting, transport


Games, entertainment on devices


Myriad of skill opportunities. Set reminders, break down tasks


Maintaining each individual’s choice and control of any program delivery is essential.

Before we can focus on new skills…

We all need to feel secure, centered, and organised.

Organisation starts within –  neural pathways are in constant flux to process incoming information. 

The environment can play a huge role here too

Take a look at Two Developmental Education Assessments which support brain/body integration and connections


set someone up for success 

    Kristi with woman client and ipad

    A Connection Call is a great start. It may be YOU  or an advocate on the call.

    During this first chat, individuals’ needs skills/challenges are discussed. If any formal assessment types are required these will be offered.

    Kristi will then advice / recommend the possible service/support/programs on offer by Appy Connections

    Phone: 0447 368 052 or

    or email me – [email protected] 

    Move learn and Connect the Appy Way

    The Journey Looks Like This


    Meet and Greet with Kristi

    Advise on best course of therapy service and support. Once agreed we begin

    We create a learning program just for you

    A Learning Profile and Sensory Profile sets you up for success

    We can make most devices or computers more accessible 

    The ToolKit is Full of Apps, Sensory Items and Movements For you to See, sense, do and anchor new learning 


    Re-evaluate – Is this working?

    Growth Mindset – What else can we achieve with the right systems in place ?

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    Case Study

    Person: A middle-aged male who has Autism needed help to learn how to use his phone

    Problem: At baseline – support workers were taking his phone and replying to his messages. Who considered his choice, control and privacy? Not everyone. Yet him replying with typing words due to language processing of text becomes anxiety-provoking and takes all the fun out of it.

    Solution: Assessment of skills, needs, abilities and motivation (he values his connections with others in high regard). A learning program was set up and included visual schedule and instructions for both himself and his support workers

    Outcome: In real-time he now responds to messages from his friends and family using his unique introductory line ‘This is X X speaking’ – yet it’s a text. Does anyone mind? No!

    Additional Bonus: He is sent reminders when it’s time to send a birthday message and takes a lot of pride in sending these too.


    step by step instructions on how to send birthday text messages

    Like to know more about how we can help you?

    or email me – [email protected]