About Us

kristi sproates at her desk

Our services are delivered under the NDIS Therapy Support model.

We deliver educational and holistic based therapies meaning each person’s strengths and individual circumstances/needs are addressed. Individual programs are created and technology is often the tool used for change. 

At Appy Connections WE use the term ‘adaptability’. This is for us and our clients:

Technology skills development, Staying open to possibilities, Looking for opportunities and Optimistic outlook

Developmental Education

A holistic approach to empower people with disabilities and their support people to live more inclusive and rewarding lives

Brain Gym Movement Facilitator

Using a series of ‘26 movements’ as needed to support new learning

Mix of holistic therapies

A combination of Kinesiology Techniques including energy healing to help hearts, minds and bodies adapt and work in unison.

Our team is Kristi + Michelle

Kristi Sproates is the founder of Appy Connections. 

Kristi uses her unique qualifications to support the brain, heart and body of clients.

Michelle Mark is a Therapy Assistant and implements innovative therapy programs using technology /apps to people in the community.

Online options available.

kristi sproates at her desk

About Kristi

kristi sproates at her desk

I’m Kristi Sproates and chances are I care about you as I am considerate and compassionate of what others need.

 I am an activist for the things I believe in, luckily for all human rights is at the top, giving people equal opportunities to learn, grow and participate in community is what I’ve spent the last 22 years doing.

I’ve actively done my research such as a 4 year degree in Developmental Education and graduated with honours.

Topic being ‘Using iPads to increase communication for a young adult who has Autism and is non-verbal. The findings proved successful as I predicted it would. We are living in the 21st century and technology is here to stay. Use it with purpose, don’t abuse it.

Following 15 years working in Disability Services as a support worker, coordinator, educator and trainer. I fearlessly undertook the path to open a business – ‘Appy Connections’ and implement my research findings because everyone deserves to learn new skills, have opportunities to grow, to connect and to thrive – and technology/mobile devices/apps were the obvious key tools.

I, like a wizard customise devices, apps/settings plus develop individual learning programs. Learning profiles based on individual sensory needs and left/right brain activities/movements are included as required. All tied up together these will assist someone to overcome their barriers to learning and participating in their own lives.This enables a streamlined and often magical new way to make technology more accessible at your fingertips. Can’t use fingertips?? I have a solution for that too. I have you covered.

I am happy to chat about therapy, training and technology solutions and answer any questions: 15-30 min chat

Adaptability – it’s how we evolve, let’s move..

(for laughs – we ride at dawn :))

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I work with people who have diverse learning needs (often with carers/parents/support teams too).

I have the ability to make change happen for people who are sometimes overlooked or perceived as; ‘that’s the way they are’, ‘that’s what we’ve always done’. I do not stand for that, ‘learned helplessness’ is a thing we left in the last century.  I am fiery and naturally inspired to ‘enlighten people about using technology with purpose’. 

I live on the far south coast of NSW, most of the individuals who access this support use their NDIS funding. I work with people to build their capacity and improve skills using technology which enables connection to external worlds. I have worked with over 100 people including those with Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Vision and Hearing impairment, Intellectual Disability and who live with mental health conditions. Each is an individual with much to offer the world.

Overcoming barriers is what we do here at Appy Connections. Anything new, different or exciting can be taught to individuals and their support team. If you have a growth mindset, then you are the carers/support team/ game changers needed to help in transforming how people can live more inclusive lives despite their disability.

Read more about what a Developmental Educator does HERE.

About Michelle

kristi sproates at her desk

Hi my name is Michelle Mark and I joined Appy Connections in early 2021 as a therapy assistant.

I am a mother of two children and have a son who is almost 18, who is diagnosed with autism at a young age. Over the past 12 years, I have worked in early intervention at Playability and as a School Learning Support Officer and I completed a certificate three in early childhood services. 

I have been using technology since iPads first hit the market and have extensive knowledge in using support apps such as Proloquo2Go, Visuals2Go, Choice works and Auslan. 

I first used these apps to support my son but the sun translated to me then training other parents how to use these apps to help support communication, routines and education. 

My biggest passion is to provide opportunities to see individuals reach their full potential and help them grow to reach their unique potential. In my spare time I love to go on walks swimming at our local pool, cooking and spending time with family and friends. 

Since joining up Appy Connections I have helped individuals and families to overcome barriers when communicating and develop skills to participate meaningfully in the community. My philosophy is to deliver a focused approach to empower families and individuals to make their own choices and to be a contributing part of society.

How do online sessions work?

Like to visit in person for a chat?

If you’d like to come and see us in person, you’re welcome to visit me in my office on Thursdays at

3/13 Toalla St Pambula, NSW, Australia 2548

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