About Us

NDIS Therapy Support with a Developmental Educator and /or Therapy Assistant.

We deliver educational therapies and life-skills training 

We offer supportive and innovative learning strategies and techniques.

Often this involves using devices/apps with a strategic purpose.

Individual Learning programs are developed by Kristi Sproates- Developmental Educator

And delivered by Michelle – Therapy Assistant.

This is a productive, effective and efficient model of support under NDIS

Our team is Kristi + Michelle

Kristi Sproates is the founder of Appy Connections. 

Kristi is A Developmental Educator (NDIS approved Allied Health Provider)

Michelle is a Therapy Assistant and implements therapy programs

We work in various locations in Bega Valley and have options to work over Zoom.  

kristi sproates at her desk

About Kristi

kristi sproates at her desk

I’m Kristi Sproates, I’m cluey, considerate, and passionate about moving forward in life.

I live on a bush block property in the beautiful Bega Valley in Southern NSW with my husband and a cute pooch. My two sons have flown the coupe and they are my greatest treasures. 

Providing people with opportunities to learn, grow and participate in the community is what I’ve spent the last 23 years doing.

Being a high achiever, I aspired for ‘more’ in my 30’s and so I did a 4 year degree in Developmental Education and graduated with honours.

Topic being ‘Using iPads to increase communication for a young adult who has Autism and is non-verbal. The findings proved successful as I predicted it would.

We are living in the 21st century and technology is here to stay. Used with purpose, it can enable many who live with barriers to communication.

Following 15 years working in Disability Services as a support worker, coordinator, educator and trainer. I fearlessly undertook the path to open this business – ‘Appy Connections’ and implement the research findings.

Everyone deserves to learn new skills, have opportunities to grow, to connect and to thrive – and technology/mobile devices/apps were the obvious key tools.

I work with people who have diverse learning needs and I love it.

I have worked with over 100 people including those with Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Vision and Hearing impairment, Intellectual Disability and who live with mental health conditions. Each is an individual with much to offer the world.

Overcoming barriers is what we do here at Appy Connections.

Anything new, different or exciting can be taught to individuals and their support team. They say it ‘takes a village’

If you have a growth mindset, then you are the carers/support team/ game changers I need to help with my vision

To Create a Community of Diverse Learners.

Ready  ?? ‘WE RIDE AT DAWN’

Read more about what a Developmental Educator does HERE.

About Michelle

kristi sproates at her desk

Hi my name is Michelle Mark and I joined Appy Connections in early 2021 as a therapy assistant.

I am a mother of two children and have a son who is almost 18, who is diagnosed with autism at a young age. Over the past 12 years, I have worked in early intervention at Playability and as a School Learning Support Officer and I completed a certificate three in early childhood services. 

I have been using technology since iPads first hit the market and have extensive knowledge in using support apps such as Proloquo2Go, Visuals2Go, Choice works and Auslan. 

I first used these apps to support my son but this soon translated to me then training other parents how to use these apps to help support communication, routines and education. 

My biggest passion is to provide opportunities to see individuals reach their full potential and help them grow to reach their unique potential. In my spare time I love to go on walks swimming at our local pool, cooking and spending time with family and friends. 

Since joining up Appy Connections I have helped individuals and families to overcome barriers when communicating and develop skills to participate meaningfully in the community. My philosophy is to deliver a focused approach to empower families and individuals to make their own choices and to be a contributing part of society.

Meet us at Pambula on Wednesdays or Thursdays or Click here to Book a Chat

If you’d like to come and see us in person, you’re welcome to visit me in my office on Thursdays at

3/13 Toalla St Pambula, NSW, Australia 2548

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