The Rising Sun Digital Program and ebook

The Rising SUN “Get Ready for your Working Day”

Who it’s for:

School Leavers or Young Adults (17-30 y.o) who have a disability and diverse learning needs.

What is in it?

An online training program consisting of six modules, each module explores Employability Soft Skills and Practical Everyday Measures that explore and prepare ‘Getting ready for the working day’.

The Modules

LIVING SAFE – Online Safety, Being Safe and Recognising Danger

EXPLORE AND CREATE – Motivation, Strengths, Accessible Post -School Options

COMMUNICATION AND INTERACTION – Verbal/Written Skills/Conversational /Social Skills

DIGITAL LITERACY – Smart and Skilled Use of Digital Communication Methods

BRIDGING BARRIERS – Building bridges between community, self and future employment

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – Practice, role-play, experiment and / or work experience

Each module will link to technologies which are designed to break down barriers and enhance skill development to gain/maintain employment opportunities. The best available research was conducted to identify the latest technologies for this training program.

Module One is ready to begin right away – Watch the Demo below

Topic One:

Being Safe Online

Online Safety, Being Safe and Recognising Danger