Would you like your work to be more fun and have more impact?

One of the biggest challenges around caring/teaching/and guiding others is managing your own energy.

And your kids or clients? They neeed extra support to overcome their barriers too?

This may look like overwhelm, lethargy, general feeling of stuck, couldn’t be bothered, or simply ‘nope’.

Learn tools to help your clients release resistance and focus on change


Join via the link below and I email you the starting details.

We start on Monday 16th May

On this day and the next two days ..I will cover:

🎊         Day 1 – about the brain /physical/tension/importance of relaxation for change

🎊           Day 2 – release resistance

🎊           Day 3 – integrate in your day/ in your practice as a carer/teacher/coach

I’ll pop in your inbox with a link to a video where I demonstrate a daily Brain Gym movement.

I always bring a sense of fun -look out for the fun playful names like ‘The Owl’ and ‘The Gravity Glider’

I will also go Live daily @ 10am and 2pm on my facebook business page ‘Appy Connections’

The bonus of the LIVE is that you can learn  and do it with me in real-time

If you are a carer of a person who likes your company ALOT, then they can also be included either watching the LIVE, the Replay or the demo in your inbox

The techniques are practical, fun and effective.

Can be done simply in 3-5 min / day.

I’m Kristi and a Brain Gym Movement Facilitator. My 23 years of experience working in Disability and Community Services is ever-evolving. I help people learn, move and connect so they can be the best version of themselves.

Join me for the releasing resistance 3 day challenge and focus on positivity – big or small. As long as we are moving forward. Brain Gym will help us – one movement at a time  💥