Move & Make Learning Fun


Kristi Sproates is a Brain Gym Instructor at Appy Connections with a caring and invigorating approach to learning

Movement matters – it’s how we develop neural pathways that help us make sense of the world and then how we interface with the world.

Join us as we move to make learning fun.

It’s a small group at The Appy Space in Pambula

Term 4 Wednesdays 9.30-11 am

3/13 Toalla St Pambula

0447 368 052

We will:
  • Warm up with a 4 sequence movement activity thats fun and easy to do
  • Play Games and Move for Integrated Brain/Body Connectivity
  • There are 26 Brain Gym Movements to draw from
  • Bean Bags, Double Drawings to relax eyes and hands
  • Lengthening activities look like yoga yet release tension

I will be guided by group needs and hold the intention we are moving to make learning fun and improve handwriting skills

* First 2 weeks – Prepare for Learning – Focus on group enjoyment and body awareness
* Next 3 weeks – HandWriting – Focus on posture, dexterity and spatial awareness
* Following On – Visual and Auditory Skills needed for Writing
If where comfortable, we may do a group project or kids can just practice in their own style/book

Join us – It’s a great way to get kids moving, learning and having fun


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