BrainGym Moves & Hacks



To ditch the overwhelm associated with learning (and teaching too)

Term 1 – 6 x 1.5 hours 9.30am-11am

Wednesdays: 14,22,28th Feb & 6,13 & 20th March

Flexible Learning – either Online or In Pambula

@TheAppySpace – 3/13 Toalla St

1. Brain Gym Intro and Preparing to Learn with PACE
2. Hand Writing – The Physical Skills, so much more than a pen license
3. Hand Writing – It’s a biggie, we revisit and practice – so we GET it
4. Sensory Input – and which BrainGym MOVES support visual, audio and kinaesthetic needs of learners
5. Reading – The Physical Skills – ‘Hint’ it’s more than the eyes
6. HACKS – learn about activities/songs/ to create a playful daily movement practice to reduce the overwhelm associated with learning

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