Opportunties to learn with Online Therapy Supports

Are you wondering how online therapy sessions work and if they are effective?

While it is not for everyone, it is readily available and offers positive outcomes.

Here I will explain the style and type of online support available from Appy Connections.

We will focus on: Engagement, Connection, Movement, 


Opening the online space is much like being in person. 

We are mindful of the effects of environmental stimulation. Keeping background noise and backdrops to a complete minimum.

Capture the person’s attention through cheerful, thoughtful two way conversation to break the ice.

Let them know what we will be doing in the time together. 

This could include:

  • Interactive games: inadvertently addressing social / communication skills or problem solving/decision making
  • Watching some educational videos that model a new skill or behavior. Having a chat about what’s right/wrong with that


To further the connection between the people. Taking an interest in what they are doing in their day, how they are feeling, and /or noticing about themselves.

Fostering awareness:

  • Notice how…
  • Do you see…
  • Try moving…
  • Can you hear..
  • Are you feeling..

Suggestions and strategies to create more of a sensory experience is recommended at the time. Doing this together online is breaking down the barrier of the screen and allowing for a meaningful connection. 


  • Let’s move (with or without music)– and involve some large motor skills to wake up the core muscles while we do some crossing the midline activities. 
  • Let’s sip water, keep back straight. A few deep breathes. Oxygen flow to the brain is improving. 
  • Let’s WORK together. This ‘work’

When there is engagement, connection and ideally some movement. The person is more likely to feel safe and ready to take in new information with a sense of achievement. 

Online Therapy Sessions can be hands-on learning because (if applicable) the person receiving support can be given control of the ‘mouse’ and interact with questions/answers and or game play together.

Technology training can be demonstrated online to a person and or their carers. This can also be an on-screen experience.

If you want to know more about online therapy sessions with Appy Connections, you are welcome to book in for a free chat.

I personally love working online with people because the location is no longer a barrier and the support and strategies used during our time together, make it as REAL as REAL can be in 2022.

Need further information on this type of services and support?