“Let’s Move Together”

Are you a carer who desires to move throughout your day with more energy but struggles to find time or space to attend exercise classes?

You do the job of many and you feel tense and stuck; not sure what step to take next.

Imagine releasing tension without having to go to yoga class.

Imagine feeling a sense of peace/calm even if the situation or role you have is not.

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I see you, I have worked with people with disabilities and their families for over 20 years and I have sensed and felt there is a real struggle to ‘move forward’ at times.

And when we feel alone, stuck, uneasy (in our situation, in our bodies, in our heads), our brains can partially shut down – learning and memory is affected and joy and enthusiasm for life is diminished.

What if it could be easier to release that tension and allow some ‘joy’ into each day?

Imagine, doing ‘simple movements’ which can be done from a desk chair or a kitchen chair (if that’s your jam). Think modified yoga and acupuncture points allowing more energy to flow.

There mightn’t ever be the perfect moment but I can help you make those moments you do have count.

‘Let’s Move Together’ is a Mini-Course in Brain Gym – Educational Kinesiology

Carers who are ‘at home’ or who ‘work elsewhere’ can learn these simple movements in small group sessions. (Maximum of five people)

I am a Developmental Educator and a Brain Gym Instructor with a passion to move and grow with others as a diverse community of learners.

Over three weeks, we will meet: 3 x 45 minute Zoom Meetings. Tuesdays -10am.
All meetings will be interactive and fun.

I will explain and demonstrate at least 10 of the 26 Brain Gym movements, their purpose and their desired outcomes.

Some come with groovy names like The Owl, The Thinking Cap or The Energiser yet these simple movements have the power to:
* Release muscle tension for clarity and focus
* Energise electrical systems in our body; connect minds and hearts.
* Cross the midline so both sides of brain/body connect more efficiently

Movement is the door to learning and remember you don’t need a lot of time or space, I’ve got you covered, we make this stuff work with what you have.

If you are a carer of a person who likes your company ALOT, then I can interact and include your people too. That’s my gig. Come as you are.

Also included:
PDF of 10 movements
PDF chart to track your momentum of doing some daily ‘Brain Gym’ movements and what you notice ‘before and after’

We start “Let’s Move Together’ – 1st March 2022

Cost is $145


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