About Integration Therapies

Empowering People Through Connectivity

Integration therapies address and connect emotional, mental and physical layers of self, so hearts, brains, and bodies reunite and work in unison

Kristi is a Brain Gym Movement Facilitator, a Reiki Practitioner, and has completed training in Kinesiology including Touch for Health 1/2 and Integrated Healing. 

Integration Therapies offer an inviting place to connect heart, mind and body: Kristi will gently guide you through a simple Muscle Testing process that allows ‘what is’ to surface. With compassionate eyes, Kristi calmly combines energy healing techniques to integrate parts into the whole included as needed is gentle movement. 

Movement is the door or key to learning and integrating new information.

To feel calm, centered and focused so you can move forward in life feeling more joyous, connected, whole and peaceful –  Practical tools and strategies are also recommended based on your individual innate qualities.

What tools/strategies?

Brain Gym Movements done regularly and daily will increase the activity and blood flow/oxygen in the brain, release tension in your body and helps you to think clearer and have more energy throughout the day.

Naturally we access information using a dominant brain hemisphere (left/right) and we have dominant senses (eyes /ears) and express ourselves (either verbally, with gestures writing and moving) with our dominant hand/foot. Each of us is different.

Brain Gym can be done in any environment and it is fun to do.

Kristi is a licensed Brain Gym Movement Facilitator and can recommend certain activites/movements to do at home. To further your understanding of Brain Gym and how it may help others in your role as a mum/dad/support worker/teacher.

Introductory or Brain Gym 104 workshops are available. See events

Learning Profiles

A learning profile uncovers a learners’ unique brain / body connection. It also provides practical strategies and integration activities to assist neural pathways in connecting together quicker.

The Profile may include strategies like:
Sit in middle of classroom to access both ear and eye
Allow space to doodle, manipulate a pen, fidget spinner
Encouragement to synthesise information from a whole
Activities:Integrated cross-lateralknitting, writing, drawing two hands
Massaging the TMJ joint to assist verbal communication

Non-invasive, quick and simple way to learn strategies to aid learning