Brain Gym® 106 – TWO DAYS IN-PERSON


An accredited course where you learn ‘The Hands On’ applications of BrainGym for the Classroom

Looking for Professional Development or just want to help others learn
  • Get back to basics …what are the physical skills that children need to efficiently learn
  • Relaxed posture, eye teaming, listening and hand/eye co-ordination to name a few
  • Handwriting, Reading and Spelling strategies using BrainGym
  • Kids become more settled and focused
  • PACE  is a 4 step sequence that helps to settle children down and prepare them for work.
  • Children who become over-stressed/focused can be directed to Brain Gym to regain their “peace” so they can deal with the problem in a more positive way


This course is delivered in Pambula NSW, address to be provided

*  9th and 17th September

This ‘HANDS ON’ Course was created by and Occupational Therapist and a Special Needs Teacher

AS this is an  accredited course it may be possible to use towards professional Development requirements for your profession

Just come and learn for the joy of learning and add this fabulous modality to your toolbox / tool kit


I’m Kristi Sproates, Developmental Educator and Brain Gym Movement Facilitator at Appy Connections.

I have a vision to create a community of diverse learners and Brain Gym is a passion and a daily practice of mine to enhance well being.

The Cost for the course is $380 + GST

Includes Course Delivery Manual, morning/afternoon tea



Sep 09 - 17 2023


9:00 am - 5:00 pm



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The Appy Space in Pambula
3/13 Toalla St Pambula


Kristi Sproates
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