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Centering is Core & More with BrainGym  

Becoming Centered is needed for whole brain  learning and in the BrainGym movement program ,there are exercises dedicated to achieve this. Centering sounds ambiguous as a movement ‘type’ but even a spinning top must be centred to perform it’s main function ‘to spin’.  

Centering – is where the magic happens creating and helping internal neural pathways so we can:

Rationalise, Stabilise & Organise ourselves (without the spin)


Imagine being stuck in your thoughts and forgetting the ‘feeling’ – albeit of someone else or you’re own. We have all been there. AND there is the opposite being so overwhelmed by emotions that we don’t think things through and can’t rationalise our thoughts. Our brain can get ‘held’ in a pattern that is familiar and when ‘overwhelm’ or ‘overthinking’ strikes it’s not great but it’s our pattern. 

Enter BrainGym Energy Exercises for ‘Centering’. These work to swiftly send our brain new messages so neural pathways can re-organise themselves to a more balanced and rational way of being. This re-directionof energy  leaves someone with a positive sense of self who can now make decisions and act from a rational place, can feel the feels and stay present. No spinning out anymore. The more of that the more positive responses.


Think gravity and the force it has on us. Our bodies physical centre provides our stability to stay upright. When our core is unstable, underused, or there are underdeveloped neural pathways from infancy this not only affects our physicality but also ‘how we perceive ourselves’ and ‘how we present to the world around us’. Our sense of self stems from ‘our core’; stabilise this and watch what happens. 

BrainGym has it’s fundamental ‘26’ movements and many moves for centering the body without the use of equipment. However equipment can be added for extra sensory stimuli activating more of the brain. An example is passing a weighted ball or a large ball to another in close proximity, balancing on an object so core muscles are activated. Oh and my favourite ‘Row Row Row your Boat’ but make it a push/pull action.

Following core activation and stabilisation, people look more relaxed, they often express themselves more clearly and engage with others. The core of who we are is activated and we are ‘comfortable in our own skin’


Our internal systems are always organising themselves to help us stay balanced; emotionally, physically and mentally. Movement along with music and play can speed up the ‘organisation’ process because more of the brain is activated. 

Therefore using BrainGym movements playfully with a song for when a child is stuck in a thought or feeling pattern provides an opportunity for the brain to release and rejig itself to a centred state of feeling/being.

Another way a child can move and express is through drawing. Having a before BrainGym and an after BrainGym drawing is a wonderful reference to how the brain has reorganised itself emotionally, physically and mentally. No need for an art degree to analyse that a drawing is a reflection of a more balanced and mindful reflection of the child’s (or adults) inner world.

Opposite to the Spinning Top, when we are centred we can sit still, pay attention to learn and freely be our authentic selves. Witnessing these transformations is a blessing when using the BrainGym Learning Program.

Rational thoughts leads to ‘what is next and best’ for my growth;

Stabilising ‘I can move forward with confidence’ and

Organising means ‘internal systems are all connected and we are good to go’.

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 Written by Kristi Sproates

Developmental Educator & Brain Gym Consultant/Instructor and founder/manager of Appy Connections


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