Congratulations – together we are helping diverse learners be safer online

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I’m so glad you are also invested in helping people too. 
It starts with Feeling Safe. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs teaches us how important safety is for overall wellbeing and health. 

The digital era is here and so much of our daily living tasks can be accessed online,  e-communications, shopping, e-courses, job applications; Sometimes optional sometimes not.
You can find out more here: BLOG – Online Safety Education

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Appy Connections help teenagers and young adults with diverse learning needs, by providing accessible digital programs that break down barriers to learning and living safely both online and offline

Together we can open doors and create a world of future opportunities so that all community members can learn, connect and thrive in this digital world.

I am happy to respond to emails OR just let me know how you get on with using the e-book.