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Learning Profiles to assist learning

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Kristi will talk about what is a learning profile, a little about Brain Gym and why you might like to consider getting a learning profile assessment

  • We all have a unique ‘makeup’ and a preferred ‘go to’ side to process new learning
  • We access information using a dominant brain hemisphere (left/right)
  • We have dominant senses that take in new information (through eyes/ears)
  • We also have a dominant hand/foot when we express ourselves (verbal, writtten, gestures and movement)
  • We are unique !!
    An individual learning profile provides practical strategies for your uniqueness
    eg. sit in middle or left/right of classroom, fidget spinner, space to doodle
  • And Integration activities to assist neural pathways in connecting together quicker. eg. Cross-crawl, knit, draw both hands




Feb 17 2022


6:30 pm


Kristi Sproates

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